"Phänomenologie" bezeichnet eine an der Jahrhundertwende in der Philosophie zum Durchbruch gekommene neuartige deskriptive Methode und eine aus ihr hervorgegangene apriorische Wissenschaft, welche dazu bestimmt ist, das prinzipielle Organon für eine streng wissenschaftliche Philosophie zu liefern

Edmund Husserl

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Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas invites for the 4th Conference on Traditions and Perspectives on...

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22 Wrzesień 2018

The Conference on Phenomenology of Emotions

Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas invites for the 4th Conference on Traditions and Perspectives on “Phenomenology of Emotions” to be held on October, 12-13, 2018 in Kaunas. The conference will held at the Vytautas Magnus university, Faculty of Political Science & Diplomacy in Kaunas. The conference is supported by Lithuanian Science Council and is organized by the Department of Philosophy and Social Critique together with the Lithuanian Association of Phenomenology.

The conference will gather 47 participants. Plenary lectures will be given by: Natalie Depraz (Université de Rouen Normandie) – Is surprise an emotion like the others? A cardiophenomenological approach, Saulius Geniušas (Chinese University of Hong Kong) – Pain and the Life-World: Somatization and Psychologization, Agustín Serrano de Haro (Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Madrid) – Husserl’s Understanding of Physical Pain, Nicolas de Warren (Pennsylvania State University) – Emotions and Stupidity, and Jagna Brudzińska (University of Cologne) – The Challenge of Passionate Subjectivity.

The conference schedule encompasses 18 parallel sessions: (1) Shame and Guilt, (2) Empathy and Intersubjectivity I, (3) Phenomenology of Emotions and Aesthetics, (4) Sartre on Emotions, (5) Empathy and Intersubjectivity II, (6) Phenomenology of Anxiety, (7) Phenomenology of Pain, (8) Empathy and Intersubjectivity III, (9) Phenomenology of Disgust and Emotions Regulation, (10) On Emotions, (11) Phenomenological Psychology and Emotions, (12) Phenomenology of Emotions and Ethics, (13) Phenomenology of Violence, (14) Phenomenology of Affectivity, (15) Phenomenology of Emotions and Aesthetics II, (16) Phenomenology of Anger, (17) Emotions and Embodiment, (18) Feelings, Experience and Artificial Emotions.

The Organizing Committee: Dalius Jonkus (Chair), Saulius Geniušas, Tomas ŠinkĹŤnas, Audronė Ĺ˝ukauskaitė, Witold Płotka, Mintautas Gutauskas.

For more info, please, consult the attached program.

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