"Phänomenologie" bezeichnet eine an der Jahrhundertwende in der Philosophie zum Durchbruch gekommene neuartige deskriptive Methode und eine aus ihr hervorgegangene apriorische Wissenschaft, welche dazu bestimmt ist, das prinzipielle Organon für eine streng wissenschaftliche Philosophie zu liefern

Edmund Husserl

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23 Wrzesień 2015

A seminar with Anthony Steinbock Phenomenology of Surprise and Gift

The Polish Phenomenological Association

 invites to the seminar with Anthony Steinbock on:

 From Surprise to Gift

 The meeting is scheduled for September 28th (Monday), 2015 at 4:00 pm in the Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street 3, room 108.

The meeting is organized within the seminar of the Polish Phenomenological Association on the Perspectives of Contemporary Phenomenology. The main aim of the seminar is popularization of phenomenological researches in contemporary philosophy, and an attempt to integrate the phenomenological movement. The oganizers want not only to reread classical phenomenological texts, but also and foremost to present a possible contribution of phenomenology to contemporary philosophy. The organizers suggest to understand phenomenology mainly as a method, and by doing this they encourage to rethink contemporary practical applications of phenomenology to other sciences. For this reason, the organizers also want to cross narrow borders of academic circles, and invite practitioners, e.g., medical doctors, psychologists, anthropologists, and culture experts. So, the seminar is open for different circles, as well as for researches done in different branches of philosophy and sciences.

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